YUPP Org Leaders

Our Leadership Structure

Here at YUPP Org, our leadership structure is set up for one goal in mind: to assist our kids in reaching excellence through whichever programs they choose. Our leaders are servants at heart, who provide the ideas, structure, and support necessary to run the organization smoothly and efficiently.

Please take the time to get to know our leaders below!

Board of Directors

Dallas Phinsee III, Board Chair

Known for being a team player who excels in a challenging business environment, Dallas creatively solve problems, while handling a multitude of tasks. possessing the unique ability to obtain and retain a wealth of knowledge pertinent to a company’s success. 

Elizabeth Eckford, Board Member
Full time tenured English Assistant Professor at Evergreen Valley College and interested in part-time teaching opportunities that encourage the incorporation of D.E.I and Humanizing Curriculum specialization. 
Kevin Berthia, Board Member

As a sought-after public speaker and fervent advocate for suicide prevention, Kevin embodies the belief that recovery from depression is attainable for all. His story has resonated across diverse communities and been featured on esteemed platforms like the Steve Harvey Show, Red Table Talk, and the Dr. Phil Show.

Sandra Raposa, Board Member
Senior Human Resources Consultant. Expert in managing change, modifying organizational behavior and improves employee engagement through coaching and collaboration to deliver incremental business value.

If you would like to contact the board, or have an interest in joining, please email: board.directors@yupporg.com

YUPP Leadership Council

The YUPP Org Leadership Council will be announced soon! Stay tuned for news about these six dynamic individuals.