Meet the team member

Ono Rothschild

Ono’ Rothschild

Performing Arts Chair

Before serving as the Performing Arts Director at YUPP, Ono Rothschild was a parent of three students who were part of the organization. Her unique position as a parent of students who attended the program provided a needed perspective to assist YUPP in maintaining its core values, while expanding its offerings to the community. 

Currently, Rothschild oversees YUPP’s instructors for the Breaking the Barriers (BTB) program, one of YUPP’s programs designed to be a safe haven for youth to learn and develop performing arts skills. Ono also works to ensure hired teachers, volunteers, and staff run all classes functionally, approving curriculum where necessary*. She also serves as the organization’s primary contact for parents looking to add children to classes. 

Connect with Ms. Rothschild regarding upcoming performances, program/class registration, or anything pertaining to performing arts at YUPP.