Shelene Huey-Booker

Shelene Booker, YUPP executive director

Shelene Huey-Booker is the founder and executive director at YUPP ORG. Since its inception, she’s served as the program’s visionary, overseeing all executive decisions and developing programming for the youth. From approving curriculum for student programs, to creating, organizing, and leading live performances and community engagements, Booker’s role is comprehensive. Booker’s vision for YUPP is […]

Theo Booker

Theo is a Creative Writer and currently studying Film Making. Theo has dedicated his lift to reaching youth and adolescents by sharing his talent in the performing arts.

Lowell Boyd

Lowell Boyd is the Finance Director at YUPP ORG. With over 30 years of accounting and finance experience, Boyd utilizes her bevy of skills, combined with her experience, to influence the financial decisions of the organization, and organize information regarding incoming donations and donors. She has provided support and management in the high-tech industry at […]

Nakia Davis

Nakia serves as YUPP Org’s Chief Operation Officer (COO). With over 20 years of executive experience, Nakia focuses her attention on YUPP’s longitudinal growth, both financially and operationally, to ensure that the vision of every program comes to fruition. Her dedication in these areas ensure that YUPP continues to grow in excellence, while providing as […]

Ono’ Rothschild

Ono Rothschild

Before serving as the Performing Arts Director at YUPP, Ono Rothschild was a parent of three students who were part of the organization. Her unique position as a parent of students who attended the program provided a needed perspective to assist YUPP in maintaining its core values, while expanding its offerings to the community.  Currently, […]

Adrielle Williams

Adrielle Williams

Adrielle Williams serves as the Head of Marketing for YUPP Organization. After initially meeting current YUPP Founder and Executive Director Mrs. Huey-Booker during their time at Santa Clara University, Williams became emboldened to step out of her comfort zone, joining the Breaking the Barriers program in 2015. After growing in her role and developing more […]